New cottage at Blakelow Farm

Blakelow Cottages website
Front page of Blakelow Farm Holiday Cottages website

The Blakelow Farm Holiday Cottages site has had a couple of changes:

  • Perfect for the single traveller – a gorgeous new holiday cottage – Chestnut Cottage – which sleeps just one, how unusual and refreshing is that. So often people who wish to travel on their own end up paying for one or more additional beds, I think this is terriffic!
  • Then they had a whole new batch of photographs done for all of the cottages … following on from some pretty serious interior decoration!

Check out their site –

Woods, Stoves and Fireplaces – updated estimate form

Woods, Stoves and Fireplaces website
Front page of Woods, Stoves and Fireplaces website

With the dramatic increases in fuel costs it seems that more and more people are looking for alternative sources of heat. Woods, Stoves and Fireplaces have been doing a roaring trade (pun!! roaring fire … no?!) in multi fuel stoves. So much so that to help people they’ve created an online estimate form … clever really, allows the visitor to enter some basic (non-technical details) about their requirements and get a rough estimate of the cost of installing a stove in their property.

Try it …