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Blakelow Farm Holiday Cottages website front page
Front page of Blakelow Farm Holiday Cottages website

I have worked with many small business over the past 5 or 6 years to set up their websites. Many of them like Blakelow Cottages (my first customers) are still running, on perhaps their 3rd or 4th generation website and doing OK, inspite of the nasty economic climate.

It can be testing time setting up a new website. What should it look like, what should it say, what’s with all this html/css/xhtml/rss stuff?

Don’t worry … your web designer should have the time and energy to take you through the process, in just as much depth as you want or need. He or she should get to know your business, understand what you can and will contribute.

That’s my specialty, “hand holding”, not literally you understand … but getting you through all of the stages – whether you’re experienced, but need help to optimize your site or if you’re right at the beginning and need help with all of it.

Whether you get the acronyms, or don’t care about the acronyms! It’s all about the end result really – and getting their comfortably without excess expense.

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